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Thursday, October 22, 2020
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Ryan Horscraft Wins PiF 4th Award

Congratulations to Ryan Horscraft on winning the 4th Pay it Forward Award!

Ryan Horsworth Wins PiF Award

Ryan was nominated for the support he provided to one of his service users who had secured work catering in the Olympic village. Ryan made himself available throughout the summer to support this guy to get to Stratford and back for each shift, often at very short notice and on occasion at a very unsociable hour. He was driven by ensuring his guy had the best opportunity to experience this work placement and was essentially at his beck and call. Without this selfless dedication, his guy probably wouldn't have been able to fulfil his role in this
once in a lifetime opportunity. Well done Ryan and thank you!

Award Winning

'Putting People First Award' in the 2010 Great British Social Care Awards